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wedding + portrait photographer based in Phoenix, AZ 

was digging through my mom & dad's old shoe boxes filled with photos of their life before my brother & I. As a young girl I spent hours sorting through their different phases of my parents life - dating, fun times with friends, traveling, their wedding day, pregnancy and early parenthood. I was able to live through them, and to this day feel so grateful that I have so many memories of theirs to cherish. So much so, that it inspired me to do the same for others.

There's an added layer of love when you know that the person capturing your story is also someone who genuinely cares about you. And on the opposite end, there is so much more heart that goes into capturing your story when there is an established relationship.

I create my best work when we establish a connection. I have been so lucky to call many of my past clients and couples my friends, and the relationship usually continues to grow even after the wedding day is said and done. I want to know about your life before our paths crossed, and the things that matter most to you.

My first experience with photography ...

While it's a photographer's job to capture the stories of others, I believe that our eyes naturally gravitate towards the things that matter most to us on a personal level. I value connection above all else - in my own life and in my work. There is something so beautiful about the everyday, natural interactions that you share with your loved ones that would happen whether I was there to capture them or not. It is always my goal to capture moments that really showcase the genuine nature of the relationships that mean most to you. 

Above all, I follow the lead of whoever is in front of my camera. The goal is always to create an environment for you to open up so that I can accurately tell your story. Really, it's you trusting, being vulnerable and sharing your life that helps me feel empowered to create. My work has always been a reflection of where my heart resides - and that is in connection.

My style often described as heart led, genuine, undone, in the moment and nostalgic. 

I'm a wedding and portrait photographer based in Phoenix, AZ and I have been doing photography professionally for the past 7 years. I am Arizona born and raised, and absolutely love the beautiful desert landscape, but I also love any opportunity to explore new terrains.

The photos that we cherish shed light on the experiences, people and places that helped shape us. It's important to take the time to document and celebrate life so that it can be remembered in the way that is most meaningful to us - and to find a photographer whose heart and perspective you trust.

Photography is the gift of reliving our happiest days + most defining moments. 

- Taylor K.

She was intentional about finding out what was important to us beforehand, and kept that in mind all day long. The amount of quality photos we received back is unreal. Her talent for capturing the moments you will want to relive is impeccable and her eye for detail while editing is undeniable. I recommend Hailey to any couple looking for a photographer. She truly cares, and that goes a long way.

She is sweet, calm, and professional. I felt as though Hailey was just another one of our friends there to celebrate and support us on our big day.

One of the best decisions I made for my wedding day was hiring Hailey.